Preston Pride Event 2017

This year’s event will be the sixth Pride celebration that the city of Preston has held. Our events are completely volunteer-led with funding dependent on local organisations and key partnerships. From 2017 we aspire to be far more commercially-minded/sustainable and hope community members will support our upcoming fundraising events as well as the day itself.

Our acts & all the other components for the day are currently being lined up. As things are confirmed, this section of the website will be updated. Look out for updates on Facebook and Twitter – or call back again soon. In the meantime, get in touch to get on board!



2017 is a special year for Pride events up and down the UK; it celebrates the fifty year anniversary of the part decriminalisation of homosexuality.

The Sexual Offences Act (1967) is an Act of Parliament which decriminalised homosexual acts in private, as long as the two men involved were over the age of 21. It only applied in England & Wales and excluded the Merchant Navy & the Armed Forces. (Such ‘acts’ went on to be decriminalised in Scotland in 1980 and in Northern Ireland in 1982)

Fundraising Activities

Committee-planned events

The committee now proactively coordinate core fundraising events for throughout the year. Our next is in partnership with Global Amigos; the official Preston Pride After Party; September 9th, 9pm, Roper Hall. After this there will be for an event for World AIDS Day in conjunction with the University of Central Lancashire and the Creative Communities Group. Follow our Facebook page for updates here. Pride is also an official beneficiary of the Big Preston Raffle 2017.

Bag packing

We want to pursue a large scale bag pack, in a Preston supermarket, but require more volunteers to assist in the planning & delivery of such an activity. To declare an interest please let us know using the contact us form here.

Dirrty Harry’s

Dirrty Harry’s are a series of events held on Saturday nights in Preston city centre. Specifically for LGBT community members, it’s led by volunteers who want a decent & safe night out from time to time. Set up & initially funded by Hangout Harry founder & Preston Pride co-founder, Andy Neale, it’s  no surprise that, after running costs, all the money from ticket sales go to supporting good local causes – of which Preston Pride is now one.  See the website for more details or join us on September 9th, 9pm – Dirrty Harry’s

Your event here

Want to organise a fundraiser on our behalf? Happy to display a collection tin in your professional environment? Let us know and we can list some details here to let Preston know.