IDAHO 2017 - Supporting Chechen Gay Men

Wednesday May 17th was International Day Against Homophobia – IDAHO; a day which saw the launch of #fightfirewithlove



What is the Fight Fire With Love Campaign?

The idea was to fight the hatred taking place in Chechnya with love; achieved in the form of donations sent directly to support the men fleeing the concentration camps. We, alongside Global Amigos; Dirrty Harry’s & After Hate believe that, if ten different small groups or individuals each raised £100 during the course of 2017, then that’d be one thousand pounds being sent in total – far more appreciated than us organising a vigil.



What are the desired outcomes of Fight Fire With Love?

The very act of fundraising will raise awareness of the situation, much like recent protests are doing. Ultimately though, we’d rather send, and encourage others to send, money to directly support those affected (instead of paying for travel to protests) All activities have their own merit though and are naturally welcomed and encouraged!



In April 2017 100 gay men were reported to have been captured & sent to a concentration camp in Chechnya. Several have since been reported missing, feared to have been murdered.

Additionally, leaders in the Russian Authority of Chechnya have declared their desire to ‘cleanse’ the area of all gay men. Political leaders have started to condemn the situation but we’re concerned about the level of support that is available to the men who are in need at this moment. We are consequently using our position, resources and partnerships to raise funds for them, and to encourage others to do so.

Actions for Chechnya

Our IDAHO Event

The Preston Pride committee hosted our own activity in Preston City Centre on Wednesday May 17th (International Day Against Homophobia) Hundreds of local people engaged with our volunteers during our day of action & over £50 was transferred to help the Russian LGBT Network support the gay men fleeing Chechnya as a result; small change from many people clearly adds up.

Donate Directly

If you couldn’t attend nor support our event, nor are you able to plan your own activity, feel free to donate directly to the Russian LGBT Network. Although your choice, we suggest that you donate via the All Out organisation as, excess money, can be transferred to supporting other LGBT people in other parts of the world if the issue in Chechnya is resolved any time soon.

Don’t forget to Tweet the amount donated to #FightFireWithLove to allow us to track how much funds are generated collectively as a result (if any).

Your Event / Activities

We would love for people to plan their own fundraising events (anywhere in the UK) so that we can all truly achieve something greater together. Whether you’re a micro business owner, manager of a store, or an individual within a work place, there are countless ways you can raise funds. (By all means, split donations with local LGBT groups or Pride activities). Follow & Tweet the dedicated #FightFireWithLove Twitter account, and your local Press, for additional exposure – plus follow & tag the the accounts below.

Free Promotion

Obviously you’ll want to sign up from an altruistic perspective but, join this campaign and the organisation you represent may enjoy free promotion via: